Can they even do this?

My husband should have received his raise months ago but, it keeps getting “Forgotten” They told him he does not get paid for the past months he should have had the raise on his paychecks. Can they do that?

Now normally 100% truth I wouldn’t care.

But, we are struggling something horrible. It is effecting my mental stability.

On top of that they decided to implement a new driving pay. I know they can do this one but, it still sucks. Everything above 60 miles they only get paid $10 dollars for. I know we should be thankful he gets paid for ANY driving and we are grateful we don’t have to pay for gas! Oy..

But, I am really upset he didn’t receive the raise when he should have which should have been towards the beginning of summer. We haven’t got to do anything fun this summer. All we have got to do this summer is play the catch up on all our bills every other week. Our mortgage is about to go into foreclosure if we can’t come up with $4000, our garbage is going to canceled for $20 bucks despite having just sent them $50, and our lights are about to be shut off because we can’t afford to pay them because if we don’t send every last dime we have in our bank account to the mortgage company we will go into foreclosure. I won’t even touch on the truck subject and how bad the place who we have a loan with for it is screwing us over so we are permanently stuck with a vehicle that is falling apart!

All my son wanted to do was go camping. But, we’ve been stuck at home and now it’s time to start saving up money for school clothes. :o/

YES before anyone god forbids gets on my ass for complaining about my FWPs. I am aware they are just that FWPs.

But, we worked our asses off to get where we are we struggle all fucking year and we would like to be rewarded with a nice summer…
That isn’t asking for too much.

Anyone who feels otherwise need not reply!